Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tokyo, nothing at all like Sendai.

So holy crapper dude. Tokyo is like literally 20 times the size of Sendai. Unlike anything I have ever experienced. We never were in an area where at least 100 people were not around us on every side. The buildings are huge and wrap around each other like a confusing maze. The train system is like a nest of snakes wrapped and intertwined with one another. I was really glad I was traveling with Tomo, Amy, and Nate.
So thoughts that I have...Basically, writing is boring and I would assume that you probably think the same. You're probably bored right now and that's the only reason you're reading this. Your boredom is more dense than reading boredom; therefore, I have gained you as a loyal reader. And I thank you for that. However, vlogs are apparently a thing of the future and although I have no intention and didn't plan on this blog taking up that medium, I happened to take 84 photo and videos with my iPhone today. I'm tired, lazy, and think that my videos and photos are way more interesting than anything I can say, so here goes.

Our day started off at Shibuya Train Station, quite possibly the busiest area in all of Japan. The Shibuya crosswalk is pretty sweet!

Shoot! Blogger will only allow me to post one video at a time. Well, no need to get down. We'll just separate them into separate posts.

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