Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another travel, another time to blog

Melon cream soda. The best!!
This morning, I was awoken to the loud cry of cicada bugs. I haven't heard that sound in a long time. I rolled out of my futon onto the tatami mat of the Takabori's house. Dang it feels good to be in Japan, again.
Yesterday's travels all went smoothly. At LAX, I had about 5 hours before my flight took off. It was a long time to wait and my nerves were grinding at me. I have never been the greatest flyer, and having all that time to sit in the airport just made me think about all the things that could go wrong. I talked to my sister, Alyssa; she gave me the necessary "slap" in the face that I needed.
On the flight, I watched a few movies, read some of my book, and took a nap. Before I knew it, we were about an hour from Tokyo. Crisis averted. Usually, long flights kill me. I just get so uncomfortable. This 11 hour flight wasn't bad.
There was a really chill Japanese woman sitting next to me named Yuko. I really said only about 2 or 3 sentences to her. That was enough to play my gaijin (foreigner) card and she was impressed by my innccccredible ability to speak Japanese. After the flight, she came up to me and we chatted briefly about my trip. She asked if I was going to Kyoto and I said that I am planning on it. Out of the blue, she asked it I would stay at her house. I was like "YEAH!" Sweet! free place to stay in Kyoto. Score. She seemed pretty genuine. Not like a creeper. But we'll see. Let you know how that goes when I cross that bridge.
After getting raped by how weak the dollar is at the currency exchange counter, I walked outside and breathed in the fresh, humid, japanese air. Felt good. I walked around for about 15 minutes just soaking in the Japanese-ey feel of everything. People speaking Japanese around me, the signs, and everything created this refreshing feeling. Like coming back to your hometown. So many incredible memories were created here. It is kind of like my second home, I guess.
I took a bus to Tama Plaza where Amy's Mom, who is one super rad woman, met me. We picked up Amy on the way and headed back home. As soon as I stepped in their home, I felt that refreshing feeling once again. The smell of a Japanese home and their tatami mats, the taking off of the shoes at the genkan. So great.
So, I'm in Japan everyone. and it is one beautiful place to be. I love you all. Hope you're doing well.

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