Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Then after that....

Japan and it's interesting stores.
We went to Harajuku. Super fun and so many random styles and fashions. Thisis the epitomy of Japanese pop culture, I felt like.

I met up with Nagahama Hikaru, my great friend from the mission. We met up with Honda Satoru, another missionary friend and Kuwahara Sei, a friend from Aizuwakamatsu. I wasn't supposed to see Satoru or Sei, but they called Hikaru and we all ate dinner at Ootoya...

Can't post anymore. Dang. Karaoke was super good. I think I'm going to have to figure this out tomorrow. I'm too tired.

To be continued...
oyasumi nasai

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  1. Turns out my blog is too full or photos and videos. Snap. Well, I have lots to do with putting stuff in Picasa and stuff. I hate Picasa, though. dang.