Monday, June 14, 2010

India-En route

Leaving America was like a dream. My life is going to be so dismissed. so distant, for the next 5 weeks. However, it helped me to recall my experience as a missionary in Japan. I thought back to that day of nearly 3 years ago. Although I was not much younger in years or anything, I would consider myself a lot younger. I had not yet had the experience of a mission to change and form me as it had. I hadn't met all the people in Japan that helped shaped me into who I am now. So, leaving America was similar to that feeling right before I left for Japan. I felt so unaware and so in awe of the world in its vastness. I was going to fly across the Pacific Ocean once again. I would experience the surreal feeling of knowing that should I crash, there is nothing but water for thousands of miles to swallow up me, my friends, and the hundred or so other passengers. But that feeling, as strange as it might be, brings such a sense of peace and serenity. The trip was incredibly different from my plane flights to and from Japan. I watched movies. It made the time pass a lot more quickly. 3 movies, one men's health magazine, and 30 pages or so from Farenheit 451. And I slept. All in all, it passed pretty quickly. Anyway, I dabble. As I always do.
So here we are. 4 of us in the Singapore airport, a place I know nothing about. I hardly knew where Singapore was on a map before I left. Dhruva is playing chess on the free X box 360 system. Tom is playing Dynasty Warriors or something like that. Matt is...I don't know what Matt is doing. Maybe going to the bathroom. I heard him mentioning it a while ago. Here I am blogging. I love blogging. Guilty pleasure, I know. And I know of my few followers, I probably drive them pretty insane with my spacey thoughts and my spastic sarcasm. But do know, I do have a point, my friends. Getting my thoughts from my mind to the paper has always been one of my most important endeavors. I can type so much faster than I can write, so it's easier to dabble than in a journal or something like that.
7 minutes left on this computer before it logs me out. I think I'll cut that short and go find a bathroom. I'm about to enter Indian borders. I don't even know what is about to hit me. I think about India and an image of Bollywood pops into my mind. I have heard about the large amounts of poverty that exist in the country, and in all honesty, I don't think I am ready to see it. But ready or not, here it comes. It's okay. It'll help me out, in some deep and profound way... I suppose.

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