Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indai-day 9 ?

We started learning Hindi on Monday. Learning a language is tough. I recall my days at the MTC when I was learning Japanese. And then realizing that my mission is over, I have one of those "Oh snap" moments. It's crazy. Now, here I am in India enjoying my next adventure.
I had a good meditating session yesterday. I really felt like I was benefiting from the blessings of clearing your mind. It was just peace. It was nice. Then, I started thinking about girls. Thus, I became distracted. too bad. I miss girls though.
Everyone here is really nice. I am always exhausted from a hard day's work. Recently, we've been working on the side of a hill digging out rocks and dirt. My hands are torn and blistered, as well as my feet. Everyone thinks that I am crazy, because I continue to wear sandals while I work. I have worn boots, but they are so hot; my feet always feel like they're on fire whenever I wear boots. So, I have just been wearing sandals and now my feet are super cut up.
We take cold showers. Heavenly in the hot Indian weather. We have been having really hot weather, which is different from what we were expecting: straight monsoons.
It's about 9 or so right now. I am listening to everyone talk about ghosts and spooks and all that stuff. Everyone is so beat up. We played an intense game of soccer yesterday. Matt took two nasty hits to the shins, one on each leg. Then today, we were jumping over this fairly large ravine; Tom messed up his ankle pretty good. Sunburns, sickness, cuts, scrapes. I feel like we're a beat up football team with mother nature kickin our trash.
While I was showering today, the septic tank started overflowing. I got out of the shower and smelled the most horrifying stench ever. Bummer. We got work to do tomorrow.

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