Monday, July 12, 2010

India-Some more pictures

Here are some great pictures from my trip. So that you understand a little bit about what the pictures are, you should read my post before this one. Love you

The caves at Ajunta. You can't really see it, but this is me standing on top of the mountain overlooking the canyon, river, and caves.
The half-moon of the canyon. You can see the really pretty waterfall.
Inside the canyon. This pictures was taken from the bridge crossing the water. You can see the caves in the distance.
I told Jaidara that I would catch him meditating.

Caves at Ajunta

The path on the caves at Ajunta

This is the inside of the caves with great acoustics. Ajunta.
Friggin' Monkeys!
You can't really see but there is giant statue of Buddha and a round acoustical room.

The outside of another cave at Ajunta

Here we are standing on top of the huge temple that was carved at Ellora. Atop this temple are room with giant towers that extend into the sky. This temple was carved from the top to the bottom over several generations. Each generation passed down the plans in order to assure that the temple was built correctly.

Another shot of the temple at Ellora. This is shot from the ground up.

The temple at Ellora.

The temple at Ellora

We played a lot of soccer at the Ashram where we were staying. This game we played right after a huge rain storm had hit us. It became known as the infamous "Mud bowl"

Vive le futbol

When it's all said and done, the men with the handprints took the V.

Celebrating a victory
Daisy Dukes- my fav.
Such a rad awning. It's crazy.
The intricate detail of every inch of the Ajunta caves. This is a step.
The man. El Sergio, the Godfather. Not really. He's a rad 23 year old monk.

Krishna and I

Shot outside of another temple at Ajunta

Each detail is so fine.
Statues of Buddha and other priests

One of the tiny monk rooms. "Ohhhmmmmmm"

This is the temple where the ceiling is painted like a tapestry.

Ashok and some hottie

Ridin' like a prince

Katiani wearing a sick cowboy hat and my shades
There's a lot of flies in India
Aaron calls the urinals in India "glorified bushes". Except bushes smell better

The temple at Ellora

The entrance gate to the temple at Ellora

A full shot of the temple at Ellora

The temple at Ellora

One day, Tom and I couldn't handle the flies anymore. We went on a killing rampage. 7 flies dead in less than 10 minutes

Ashweney's Dad
A family, out on a Sunday outing, frequently rides scooters. Family size scooters.

The village at the top

Hiking up to the village at the top of the mountain.

The crew. Not everyone, but Krishna, Jaidara, Tom, Aditiya, Ashok, and Aaron
A frog chillin in the banana trees.

Workin' it.

Ashweney, the cute next-door girl.

Ashok and I building a rack for the solar panels.

The group meditating at a sweet temple.

An actual Indian camel!

Ashok and Aaron

A rad temple we went to some weeks back. It was right on the edge of a mountain.

A local man selling corn on the cob.

The site where Hindu religion says that the 5 great rivers of India all come from.

Krishna at the site of the origin of the 5 major Indian rivers. The water is spitting out of the cow's mouth. It is considered a sacred honor to be able to drink water and wash your face with water from the cow's mouth.


A local 7-11 (no, not really, but the equivalent)




  1. These are great Gary! So cool to follow along with your journey! BTW... I love you!

  2. Great pictures! We love to read about your adventures in India - or wherever you are headed next. Big fans. Love you.

  3. So, do they serve burgers at the McDonald's in India?

  4. o.m.g. Gary, India looks amazing!! Of course I had no idea that's where you are, but that's so ridiculously awesome. One day I will make it there...