Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another war

Photograph by Sabastia Salgado

Fleeing the atrocities of the conflict between Serbian and Croatian, refugees from both sides fled their homes in desperation of finding freedom. I feel like every time I study a photograph by Salgado, I always come to the same conclusion: War is sick; the human race disgusts me. According to "Bosnian War", an article from Wikipedia, 50,000 raped. 1.8 million displaced from their homes. 97,000 killed. These numbers are disturbing, but to be tragically honest, they mean little in our day-to-day lives. The numbers represent numbers, not people. So that becomes my problem, my issue. How do I raise concern for the people of this picture who have been forcefully relocated and now have to avoid the land mines of this war torn city, and have to put plastic on their windows in order to keep warm in the harsh winter, and have to simply live out their lives knowing that they cannot go back for those they left behind? How do I do them justice? I do not really think there is much I can do. I can only be a voice to the voiceless.

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